Setting Up Your Funnel

How to setup your sales funnel in Paykickstart. Tiers, upsells, downsells and more are all discussed in this training. Drag and drop easy with drop-down product selection. Add or remove affiliate options.

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Setting Up Your Funnel

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Now that we have setup our product it's time to setup the sales funnel.

Select "Funnels" from the dashboard menu and add a new funnel. Choose a title and campaign name and select if affiliates are able to promote it. Hit save and you will be taken to the funnel builder.

Funnel Builder

Here you can chose your product(s) for the first level of your funnel. These are the captured products we setup previously. Hit save and Paykickstart will give you the option to create a new level. This will be your upsell/OT. Select your product and hit save.

If you have another level you will now be presented with a yes and a no option. This is an upsell/OTO for yes and a downsell for no. From here you can continue building the funnel out to your requirements according to your offers.


On the left hand menu you have a few more options. YOu are able to change the "thank you" url as well as pass variables to that url.

You again have the choice to give affiliates access to your products and you also have the option to have Paykickstart display it in the Marketplace.

There is also an input field for your tracking script.

At this point we can hit save.

Checkout page links

Now that the funnel is setup we can add our checkout page links for the products in our funnel to our sales pages. Under each product in the funnel there will be a copy link option. (you can see this on hover)

Once you click this option a pop-up will display with all products on that specific level giving you various options along with the url. These options are;

  • Popup widget
  • Checkoutout form embed
  • Order bump

These can be toggled on or left off. If you choose to use them new options will become available to enable you to use it along with design options and the embed code.

Once you have copied your url you place that as your "buy now" button link on your sales page.

Remember that your funnel url will over-ride your product url.

In the next video we will test the funnel.