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The Best All-In-One : Payment Gateway & Affiliate Management System?

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What Does It Do?

PayKickstart is a FAST & SIMPLE Way to Make More Sales Online!

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Supports all major payment processors

With support for, Easy Pay Direct, Stripe, Braintree and Paypal, and with more planned in the near future, you don't have to deal with creating a new merchant account just to use Paykickstart.

Sell digital OR physical products? No problem!

Paykickstart supports shipping / fulfillment management, as well as automatic fulfillment using ShipStation (more fulfillment integrations are planned). One caveat here is that it doesn't have the option to choose a quantity of products being ordered on the checkout page yet, and Paykickstart doesn't have a conventional "add to cart" system as it's built-in flow is funnel-based.
paykickstart shipping
paykickstart checkout templates

High converting, customizable checkout templates

​Paykickstart  ensures your checkout solution is easy to implement but also fits your brand perfectly, by including 12 single-step and 5 multi-step templates which you can edit images, colours, testimonials, text etc. You can even add your own custom fields to the checkout page.  Alternatively, use their embed forms or popup widgets directly on your own website,  or build your own checkout solution from scratch using their API.

Paykickstart supports your target market: language

Paykickstart currently supports 14 languages for the email notifications it sends out: Arabic, English, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. You also can overwrite the default email message for each notification with your own message, so even if your language isn't supported yet, you could write up your own notifications.
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paykickstart currency options

Paykickstart supports your target market: currency

If your payment gateway supports the currency you want to charge in, and Paykickstart supports the payment gateway, then you can charge in that currency in Paykickstart! Currently up to 32 currencies are supported.​

Less headaches with automated tax compliance

Paykickstart has built-in simply tax profiles you can set up for buyer-location based taxes, or vendor location-based taxes. It also includes prebuilt profiles for the US, Canada and the EU. For an even stronger tax solution, Paykickstart also integrates with Taxamo to seamlessly and accurately calculate tax at the time of checkout, and to generate your tax reports etc.
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paykickstart 1-click upsells

​1-Click upsell support ensures you make ​more money

With 1-Click upsells enabled, once your customer buys your "front end" offer, anything else they purchase in your funnel is processed automatically, without them having to fill in another checkout page form. 1-Click upsells are proven to DRAMATICALLY increase your sales and average customer value by ensuring an almost 100% conversion rate once the customer simply clicks "buy".

Some of Our Favorite Paykickstart​ Features:

editable templates


Creating your funnel with Paykickstart's visual funnel builder, is quick and easy. Simply add your products to each step in the funnel, then paste the checkout links it automatically  generates for you into your sales pages.

Paykickstart will then handle all the processing and page redirects to each offer in the funnel for you.
1-click upsells


By injecting the coupon code (create limited by date, quantity, product, type) directly into your checkout page URL, or creating funnels which override the default price of your products or even which affiliates have access to a funnel, you can easily create and promote specials / unique offers within minutes. 
currency options

subscription saver

This one's big, and we haven't seen other platforms do this. Paykickstart will automatically try to recover a subscription which fails a payment.

And if you have PayPal and Credit Card payment options, Paykickstart will let your customers seamlessly switch between them while maintaining the existing subscription.

Paykickstart Integrations

One of the most important questions you may have when choosing a payment platform is, "Does it integrate with the platforms you're already using?", and "how easy is it to plug-and-play with delivery of products etc?"

After having compared Paykickstart to its competitors, it was clear that Paykickstart integrates with by far the most integrations than any other of those platforms. Paykickstart integrates with all the mainstream autoresponder, membership and webinar services, so that customers are automatically added to lists, membership sites, webinars and more. Listed below are the integrations currently supported by Paykickstart:
The Zapier intergation makes connecting Paykickstart to any of the over 400 services on the Zapier platform easy. You can send a "Zap" for the following events:
  • New transaction
  • Failed transaction
  • ​Subscription cancellation
  • Failed rebill
  • Payment recovery
  • New rebill
  • Refund

Webinar Integrations

Paykickstart will automatically register your new buyer on successful purchase of your product to the webinar of your choice. Supported webinar services include:
webinar integration

Membership Integrations

You can automatically set up Paykickstart to register / cancel a member's access to your membership platform by using the built-in membership integration system. Supported membership services include:

Autoresponder Integrations

You can have Paykickstart add users and tags based on specific events inside of the system. For example, you can tell Paykickstart to add a user to a specific list (e.g. your campaign) and then attach a specific tag, perhaps the product's name. Then, during cancellation of a subscription, you an have Paykickstart remove the product tag and add a "cancelled" tag. Then inside of your autoresponder you can set up different campaigns based on which tags are getting added / removed from your subscribers.
pk supported auto-responder


With Mark Thompson and Matt Callen at the helm of Paykickstart, it's no surprise that the built-in affiliate system is above and beyond any expectations from a payment gateway system. An incredible amount of flexibility is included out of the box, including options such as having control over the first transaction commission and subsequent rebill commissions, or allowing certain vendors to be paid their commission instantly, or only after the refund period. For those of us vendors in the United States, Paykickstart will also try to get the W8/W9 form on file from the affiliate for you so you don't have to chase these down manually.
​You're also able to create promo materials for your affiliates directly from within the platform, allowing affiliates to get email swipes and banners. You can also set up contests, creating rules such as highest volume or highest quantity sold. You can then grab the embed code for the contest and publish it anywhere you like.

Affiliates receive their own dashboard showing them metrics such as traffic tracking and sales / commissions.

Advanced Reporting & Insights

  • Zero-setup analytics & insights
  • Sales metrics
  • Traffic metrics
  • Conversion metrics
  • Funnel metrics

Track & Manage Affiliates

  • Offer instant & delayed commissions
  • ​Offer per-campaign and lifetime commission tracking
  • ​Supports 2nd tier commissions
  • ​Branded affiliate tracking lists
  • C​omplete ​marketing materials portal​

What others are saying

jeff hunter

Jeff Hunter

Founder of VA Staffer & 9010 Life
"​I just crossed $250k using PayKickstart! It's saved so much time and money for me, and increased my sales with all the recurring revenue and new features being added frequently. It's a must-have cart!”

Juddith Conroy

​​Co–Founder of Chikara-Reiki-Do​
"​We’re absolutely thrilled we are with PayKickstart! Your support staff bent over backwards to help us and made our software integrations work - was civility personified. Our business has been online for over 15 years and we have NEVER received such first class customer support in all those years."

John Leonard

CEO of Advisor Marketing Academy
"​PayKickstart saved me $20,000 a year! It blew my mind. I now use it for all of my online and offline businesses."

Shopping Cart Comparison

Vendor Features

paykickstart dark
One-Time & Subscription Pricing
Usage Based Billing
PayPal Integration
Stripe Integration
Braintree Integration Integration
Easy Pay Direct Integration
Custom Payment Integration
Bank Wire (ACH / SEPA)
Email Integrations
18 Services
Webinar Integrations
7 Services
Membership Integrations
14 Services
True 1-Click Upsell (Credit Card)
True 1-Click Upsell (Paypal)
Split Pay
Partner/JV Contracts
Lead / CPA Tracking
Order Bumps
Coupon Codes
Customizable Checkout Pages
Customizable Checkout Pop-Ups
Customizable Checkout Form Embeds
Checkout Page Countdown Timers
Checkout Page Translation (Automated)
20 Languages
8 Languages
10 Languages
Email Translation (Automated)
20 Languages
10 Languages
Brandable Email Notifications
Only AR Integrations
In-App Dunning Notifications
Vendor-Branded Affiliate Links
Integrated Licensing System
Integrated Tax System
VAT Tax Integration
Invoice Automation
Customer Billing Portal
Cancellation Saver Widget
Visual Sales Funnel Builder
Fully Customizable Transactional Emails
Currency Support
32 Currencies
22 Currencies
21 Currencies
Secure Digital Product Delivery
Shipping/Fulfillment Integration
Subscription Saver (Dunning Management)
Upgrade / Downgrade Subscription
Import Existing Stripe Subscriptions
1-Click Payment Testing
Customer Blacklisting
User Management / Permissions
Facebook Custom Audience Builder
Survey Builder
Uptime Monitoring

Affiliate Features

paykickstart dark
Instant Commissions
Delayed Commissions
Custom Commission % per Affiliate
Campaign / Sub-ID Tracking
2nd Tier Affiliate Program
Single Sign-In Affiliate Account
Manual & Auto-Approval Options
Instant Bonus Fulfillment
Promotional Material Area
Affiliate Contest Management

Mobile Features

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Affiliate Request/Approval
iTunes App (free)
Google Play App (free)
Vendor Stats & Notifications

Platform Features

paykickstart dark
Robust API / Documentation
Email Sale Notifications
Mobile Sale Notifications
Detailed Analytics and Reporting


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Plans start
Plans start
Up to
of each sale
*Comparison Table up-to-date as of 08/14/20

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What to do after signing up to Paykickstart and how to setup your account.

Payment Integration

Learn how to connect your Payment Gateway to Paykickstart (charge and manage your transactions) and how multiple gateways can be setup and used.

Setting Up Your 1st Campaign

Learn how to link your product or service to the Paykickstart marketplace so affiliates can easily find your product to promote.

Setting Up Your Product

A comprehensive 3-Part Video showing you how to add your first product all the way to checkout page design.

Setting Up Your Funnel

Learn how to create different tiers, upsells, downsells and more with a "drag and drop" funnel builder.

Testing Your Funnel

Learn how to test your funnel before going 'live'.