Setting Up Your Campaign

Creating your campaigns in Paykickstart is quick and easy. Learn how to link your product or service to the Paykickstart marketplace so affiliates can easily find your product to promote. As well as the affiliate Paykickstart also offers 1-click upsells which stores the payment profile on your payment gateway so additional transactions are filled out automatically. Many other integrations like Zapier and membership services are covered; as well as advanced notificatons and affiliate commissions.

Setting Up Your Campaign Training Video

Now that we have setup our payment integration we can start with campaigns.

On the left hand side of your dashboard click “Campaigns” and then “Create Campaign”. Enter a name for your campaign and hit save.

Campaign Settings

Campaign Details

The name you just selected for your campaign will appear in the first field and can be edited if and when required. Next is to add your logos which has a best fit size of 700x160 with a light and dark version. This is very useful for branding and will be used across a number of templates. A transparent background is also recommended to make things easier when designing and editing your templates.

Select the default language of your checkout page.

Show in Marketplace

Decide if you would like your campaign displayed in the Marketplace and select a category. This will become a key feature as the Paykickstart platform starts to mature and gain in popularity.

Base Currency

Next select your base currency for the product. Keep in mind that only confirmed payment integrations with the same base currency will be available

Payment Gateway

Choose one of the PayPal accounts you linked previously to accept PayPal payments


You can also use a credit card processing service like, Stripe or Braintree which you would need to have integrated as shown in the previous post.

Make sure the correct one is marked as primary.

1-Click Upsells allows Paykickstart to store the payment profile that’s created in your payment gateway and then use that profile for future transactions. As an example your front-end offer could be purchased as well as your upsell. This would usually mean having to input payment details multiple times, but with one-click upsells it will just be a single time. It is a very powerful feature significantly increasing conversions and lowering drop-offs. Just ensure your clients know exactly what they are paying for.


The secret key is for custom integrations you have developed that Paykickstart does not natively support. For example a membership integration.

Zapier webhooks comes standard with Paykickstart and with each zap you are able to integrate with an entire host of platforms. Included is also a webhook failure notification which will alert you if any errors occur with some detailed information.

Transaction Notification

Choose if you would like enable/disable email notifications to go out to your affiliates and vendors as well as send buyer notifications which give you a lot of specific notification options.

Product Support

A support email or url is required for your notifications so customers can contact you with the contact information you provide.

Enter your refund period, generally for 30, 60 or 90days. This is very important as commissions paid need to be with-held for refunds. You will be alerted when the refund period has lapsed so commissions can then be paid.

Affiliate Program

Choose if your product can be promoted by affiliates by either enabling or disabling “affiliate program”.

If enabled it will display in the affiliate request page under “Additional products by vendor”. The affiliate request page url will be generated by Paykickstart and can be provided to potential affiliates which they can use to request permission to promote your product or service.

The commission settings are quite advanced allowing for multiple tiers of commissions at specified commission percentages. Rebills/subscriptions are also covered with individual commission settings.

Affiliate page url (JV page) is for second tier affiliates which is a much better way to showcase your offers.

Membership Services

There are quite a few membership sites integrated into Paykickstart and if yours is not in the list you can quite easily have it added through the secret key integration And/or put in a feature request.

Now that we have the campaign setup we can begin adding products.

If you would like more information on integrations you can search through the Paykickstart knowledgebase with the link below.

Paykickstart knowledge base