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​DIAMOND Package​

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After years of creating software and training made with marketers in mind, our partners Mark Thompson & Matt Callen have combined their best practices & products to deliver a comprehensive package that ensures marketers reach, and exceed their potential with Paykickstart.

​Who is Diamond For?

Paykickstart's Diamond package is for people who are hungry, who are looking for a way to dive right into the action in true 'kickstart' fashion. This comes with training that includes traffic generation, product creation, budget implementations and a ton more.

It's also for the experienced, seasoned, veteran marketer who is looking to elevate his or her business from a stagnant state. Things might be good - but why not do better?

It helps knowing what the Diamond package contains before getting excited, but you should just get excited now.

What Makes Diamond Sparkle?​

12 months of Paykickstart Professional & Premium


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    ​Unlimited Products
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    ​Sell Anything (Digital + Physical Goods and Services)
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    ​0% Transaction Fee
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    Checkout Page Template Library
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    One-Click Upsells
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    Payment Integrations
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    Email Integrations
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    Membership Integrations
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    Fulfillment Integrations
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    ​Subscription Saver
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    ​Order Bump
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    ​User Management
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    *​Uptime Monitoring
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    *​Audience Builder

*exclusive to premium

All plans include:

Fast 1st Class Support

email & chat

​99% Uptime

​never lose a sale ​from slow servers or downtime

​No Additional Fees

mMake more and keep more money

Seller Kickstart

VALUE: $1,497

Seller Kickstart comes as a bonus which helps you to double your sales using special secrets in 6 weeks or less.

SESSION 1 - Foundation/Framework

Session 1 covers topics every marketer should know, about finding your true passion, and how the economy has changed in vast ways. Today, anyone and everyone has a voice and power. It also talks about strategies to avoid feeling overwhelmed, and teaches focusing techniques. Some include:

  • Stick to a schedule
  • Keep balance between mental/physical tasks
  • Stay organized

It will also talk about how to start building an email list and a brand, as well as how to set up payment processing, setting up and handling customer support, how to handle failure, and to beware of things like "shiny object syndrome".

SESSION 2 - Market Research

In session 2 we'll talk about how you can identify your ideal customer, and create a customer avatar. It also goes into detail about difficult topics like identifying your target audiences 'pains' or challenges, as well as how to analyze your competition.

This session helps you understand most, what your customers want and need from you for you to have a successful business relationship. This includes finding their interests and groups they belong to, analyzing and evaluating existing products in the marketplace for similarity, how you can improve those products, and how to find top affiliate partners.

SESSION 3 - ​Product creation/Email marketing

​Session 3 covers how to avoid product creation mistakes, as well as product ideation (creation of ideas for a product, processes involved) and product enhancements. We'll talk about re-purposing content and why it matters to do so at all. We go over how to create and sell high ticket items, and even cover how to create software. It includes areas which talk about how to design a product, wire frame a UI (user interface) and implement quality of life features like quality assurance and testing.

Some of the worst times a marketer has are in the very beginning, during product creation. Sometimes the idea is too broad, too wide in scope, or too narrow in function. There are so many ways it can go wrong, and only a handful of ways to truly get it right. We know 'em, and are happy to share.

SESSION 4 - ​Marketing funnels & Optimization

​The 4th session helps you with one of the trickiest areas to get right, the marketing funnel and optimization of EVERYTHING. We will give you the fundamentals of a funnel, as well as advanced funnel strategies, how to create evergreen funnels, and the optimization of the funnels and the landing page.

***​INCLUDED*** Case study and a live exercise!
It can be difficult to do this as a beginner, and even some more advanced marketers haven't gotten this area nailed down. We will help outline how to make the most of each area so you can improve it right down to the floor tacks.

SESSION 5 - ​Product Marketing & Promotions

​This session will help you with launches on multiple social media platforms, discusses different ideas for product launch models, and how to leverage a Facebook ad for traffic. We'll talk about how to use webinars and replays as a tactic and benefit to your clients for traffic to include email traffic.

The social media giants can be cumbersome and difficult as they constantly change their algorithms and feed features, as well as perform experiments of their own, we'll help you navigate the uncertain sea.

SESSION 6 - SCaling

This final session discusses scaling issues, which are a common problem for marketers. How many mobile app makers threw in the towel when server load was a quadrillion more than they 'expected' which shut down the game? They didn't guess the popularity correctly, or plan for that eventuality enough to prevent disaster. We are offering this one to stave off disaster if it comes your way.

We'll talk about "The Snowball Effect" as mentioned above, when things get big and out of control, people call it the "Snowball Effect". This can make or break a company.  We'll talk about how to move up the ladder in a competition, how to use systems to your benefit and how to keep yourself accountable. We'll also talk about best practices when hiring people into your team.

​Launch Madness​

V​w/ Worksheets, Checklists, SOPs, & Live Calls [Value: $1997]

​6, 7, 8 Figure Product Launch Blueprints [Value: $997]

​Digital, Physical, Coaching Funnels [Value: $697]

​Launch Playbook & Timeline [Value: $497]

​“The Launch Codes” Book [Value: $197]

​You'll gain complete access to the Launch Madness training program. This is the exact product launch blueprint that ​Mark Thompson and so many other marketers have​ used​ to ​run successful campaigns.


​Traffic Backdoor Training

VALUE: $497

​This special training outlines strategies proven to drive traffic quickly. SEO is never a guarantee and other traffic strategies can change as the moguls adjust their 'rules'... so Traffic Backdoor uses strategies that get reliable results quickly. Every module comes with step by step training on how you can use borrowed authority, and even followers from other pages or sites to bring you plenty of traffic.

Module 1 - Facebook Backdoor

How to use Facebook ads and use custom audiences for targeting


​Module 2 - YouTube Backdoor

YouTube marketing methods of leading marketers

​Module 3 - LinkedIn Backdoor

Unique methods to target people and businesses in LinkedIn to drive traffic

​Module 4 - Pinterest Backdoor

4 brilliant methods to use on Pinterest for traffic

​Module 5 - Google Backdoor

How to use the Google Platform to drive traffic (Not Adwords/Google Search)

​Module 6 - Forum Backdoor

(Think Reddit) How to drive traffic from popular forums

Module 7 - Email Backdoor

​Step by step strategies proven to work wonders for promoting to an email list

​Module 8 - Webinar Backdoor

​How to build a successful Webinar. When done right, a webinar converts beautifully.

Traffic Spy

VALUE: $297

​Traffic Spy allows you to identify strong social media videos, pages, groups and influencers quickly and easily. You can use it to uncover hot, trending content and hidden traffic goldmines within seconds.


YouTube results will give you data on the top videos for a particular niche / keyword.

It'll also tell you who the creator is, how many views the video received, how many subscribers the creator has, how many comments the video has, and whether or not there's already a link in the video description. With this information, you can identify successful videos to use for your own video ideas and work out how channel owners are getting subscribers.

You could also buy video description links for traffic, or run targeted YouTube ads based on the information you discover.


Identify the most popular pages and groups on Facebook for a particular niche / keyword.

Traffic Spy will report how many likes a page has and which category it is in, and in the case of groups it'll report the last time it was updated and whether or not it's a private group.

With this information, you can identify popular content on Facebook, see how successful pages and groups are set up, reach out to the group / page admins and create partnerships with them, buy banner spots or sponsored links / posts on those groups, or use them to run targeted ads.


​Identify the top twitter influencers for a particular niche / keyword.

Traffic Spy will report the influencer, the number of tweets they've made, the number of followers they have, and the number of people they're following. You can use this information to connect with influential people in your niche.


Identify the top LinkedIn groups for your particular niche / keyword.

Traffic Spy will report the group name, its description, how many discussions are in the group, how many members the group has, how many members are in networks and the activity level of the group.

This information will help you to identify what makes a group successful on LinkedIn, and allows you to join thriving communities, potentially tapping into free traffic and setting up deals with like-minded people.


​Identify the top Pinterest pins relevant to your search.

Traffic spy will show you each pin's description, the number of re-pins it received, the number of likes it received, how many comments it received and who it was pinned by.

With this information you can get awesome ideas in your niche, connect with publishers and tap into their traffic etc.

BONUS: Boxcar

VALUE: $1,997​


Live chat application which allows you to talk to your customers in real-time, which helps you to engage with your audience, boosting sales & customer support.

Allows you to control which websites each agent can access and conduct chat sessions with. You can chat with or transfer conversations to other agents. You can customize your chat box, access chat history, and includes completely automatic translation.

It also includes the unique feature of being able to include calls to action directly into the chatbox, and allow your visitors to easily subscribe to your list by sending an option form directly into their chat box. It also supports offline messaging and canned responses. The lifetime license (which you'll receive as part of your diamond package) of our popular BoxCar live chat application allows you to install the chat application on unlimited sites and have unlimited agents.

​Agent Management

​Control which websites each agent can access and conduct chat sessions with.  Seamlessly chat with or transfer conversations to other agents.

​Chat Designs

​Select from a range of professional chat designs of which are fully customizable, to include your branding, colors and more.

​easy Management

​Control which websites each agent can access and conduct chat sessions with.  Seamlessly chat with or transfer conversations to other agents.

​Chat history

​Manage multiple chats, across all of your sites at one time.  Keep a chat history to reference previous conversations with each visitor.

​automatic translations

​The web is global, which means many of your visitors may speak different languages. Utilize our Google Translate integration, which will translate your visitor’s message, as well as the message you respond with.

​call to actions

​Help drive your visitors to take action, by utilizing a pre-defined or custom call to action.

call to actions
email integrations

Allow the visitors you are chatting with to easily signup for your newsletter or subscribe to your list by sending them an optin form directly inside of the chat box.

​offline messages

​Continue to receive messages even when your agents are offline. Have those messages sent directly to your email or support desk for easy followup.

chat status

​With the push of a button, you can change the chat status that your visitors will see, based on your Agents availability or hours of operation.

​...and more


VALUE: $1297

​Never pay for ongoing help-desk software again. Use TicketHub to route all of your support inquiries to a central location; adding an unlimited number of support agents, free!


And our exclusive bonus!


VALUE: $127

8 Part Video Course - ​We will take you step-by-step through creating and launching your first campaign on Paykickstart.

It can be scary to make a transition to a new payment system, And even scarier if you are using one for the first time.

To ensure the process is as streamlined as possible we created an 8 Part Video Course to introduce you to the main features of Paykickstart and help get you started without feeling overwhelmed or lost.

Try it for yourself with zero obligation by clicking the button below

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