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In-Depth Training

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We will take you step-by-step through creating and launching your first campaign on Paykickstart.

It can be scary to make a transition to a new payment system, And even scarier if you are using one for the first time.

To ensure the process is as streamlined as possible we created an 8 Part Video Course to introduce you to the main features of Paykickstart and help get you started without feeling overwhelmed or lost.

Paykickstart Video Training Course:

  • 1
    Account setup - We teach you how to setup your account in Paykickstart. This includes Paypal payment authorization, personal profile updates, tax notifications, currency options, API keys, affiliate settings, subscriptions and more...
  • 2
    ​Payment integration - In this video we connect our Payment Gateway to Paykickstart (charge and manage your transactions) Multiple Gateways can be setup and used in the Paykickstart system.
  • 3
    ​Setting up your campaign - Creating your campaigns in Paykickstart is quick and easy. At this step you can link your product or service to the Paykickstart marketplace so affiliates can easily find your product to promote. As well as the affiliate Paykickstart also offers 1-click upsells which stores the payment profile on your payment gateway so additional transactions are filled out automatically. Many other integrations like Zapier and membership services are covered; as well as advanced notificatons so you are always up to date with transactions on your account. Affiliate commissions are also discussed in this video.
  • 4
    Setting up your product [Part 1] - We teach you how to add your first product in Paykickstart. Create product specific commission which over-ride the campaign settings. Select how you want to handle payments and access ie. split pay, one-time, recurring, licensing etc. Integrations for the specific product are covered, as well as tracking code.
  • 5
    Setting up your product [Part 2] - We teach you how to clone products and edit settings to make it unique to your new product. This is a huge time saver and is perfect for split testing.
  • 6
    Setting up your product [Part 3] - We go to step 2 in our product editor which deals with checkout page design. You can choose either 1-step or mult-step. Choose from a wide range of templates and use drag and drop to quickly make a good looking page. Add some testimonials to make your page really stand out.
  • 7
    Setting up your funnel - How to setup your sales funnel in Paykickstart. Tiers, upsells, downsells and more are all discussed in this training. Drag and drop easy with drop-down product selection. Add or remove affiliate options.
  • 8
    Testing your funnel - How to test your sales funnel in Paykickstart.

Ez Restrict (wp plugin)


You may limit how many times each customer may download the file.

Leverage Paykickstart’s built-in licensing system to quickly and easily restrict access to files on your own website. Customers will be able to use the Paykickstart-generated license key to access the download.

Paykickstart Bonuses

The bonuses listed are also included and are added by Paykickstart


Products That Sell

VALUE $197

Step-by-step process on uncovering lucrative niches and products that sell .


3 Core Funnels

VALUE $247

Instantly boost your sales and revenue by following these 3 funnel templates.


Power Seller Bootcamp​

VALUE $127

14-day bootcamp series - Your fast track to hitting the ground running with PayKickstart.  Each day, you'll receive a new email and training video that introduces you to a different area of the platform.

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What Others Are Saying:

jeff hunter

Jeff Hunter​ 

Founder of VA Staffer & 9010 Life

"​I just crossed $250k using PayKickstart! It's saved so much time and money for me, and increased my sales with all the recurring revenue and new features being added frequently. It's a must-have cart!”

Juddith Conroy

Co–Founder of Chikara-Reiki-Do​

"We’re absolutely thrilled we are with PayKickstart! Your support staff bent over backwards to help us and made our software integrations work - was civility personified. Our business has been online for over 15 years and we have NEVER received such first class customer support in all those years."

John Leonard

​CEO of Advisor Marketing Academy

"​PayKickstart saved me $20,000 a year! It blew my mind. I now use it for all of my online and offline businesses."

Paykickstart affiliate ​management ​system


mark thompson
Matt Callen

With Mark Thompson and Matt Callen at the helm of Paykickstart, it's no surprise that the built-in affiliate system is above and beyond any expectations from a payment gateway system. An incredible amount of flexibility is included out of the box, including options such as having control over the first transaction commission and subsequent rebill commissions, or allowing certain vendors to be paid their commission instantly, or only after the refund period. For those of us vendors in the United States, Paykickstart will also try to get the W8/W9 form on file from the affiliate for you so you don't have to chase these down manually.

​You're also able to create promo materials for your affiliates directly from within the platform, allowing affiliates to get email swipes and banners. You can also set up contests, creating rules such as highest volume or highest quantity sold. You can then grab the embed code for the contest and publish it anywhere you like.

Affiliates receive their own dashboard showing them metrics such as traffic tracking and sales / commissions.

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